To join the Keynote lecture, the Workshops and the SpeedDates, please register by clicking on the links that you can find below the description of each event. 

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Changes in the keynote lecture

Keynote lecture by ALICE stuurman

Due to highly demanding circumstances, Hanneke Schuitemaker was unable to provide the keynote lecture of this year’s career event. But no worries, we have found another perfect speaker for this event, Alice Stuurman.

Alice is an experienced human resource manager with ample experience in biotech and pharmaceutical industry.  She started at the University of Leiden and moved on to positions as HR director at big corporates in pharma (Abbott/Abbvie) and in biotech (Crucell and Johnson & Johnson). She jumped out of the corporates to a scale-up in Health Tech (myTomorrows) and now helps Small and Medium Enterprises in Health Tech in scaling.

From this perspective, Alice will tell us all about her experiences with working with academics like us in industry:

  • What makes you special as PhD-student or postdoc?
  • What are the differences between academia and industry?
  • What should you expect from a job in pharma?

The lucky ones who have gotten a spot in Alice’s workshop will then receive a hands-on training on how to get to the job you want once you know what you want. For the ones who want to know more: find Alice on LinkedIn!


Online workshops

This year the workshops will be given not only on the development of soft skills, but will be also focused on how to deal with circumstances that got changed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Each workshop takes about 45 minutes. There are two rounds of workshops, and each may accommodate up to fifteen participants. Make sure to register on time!


Speed dates

Four rounds of speed dates with potential emloyers. Each date takes about 15 minute and accomodates 10 participants per session. During this time you have a chance to meet a potential employer and learn about their company and carreer opportunities that they are currently offering!



Seeing that this year a big networking party at the end of Career Event is not possible, we have organized another PubQuiz!

This time, in order to promote networking, the organizers will randomly assign participants to a team of completely new people! We hope that this way we will help you to meet new colleagues (and potential employers) and to communicate in an informal setting.

First fifty participants will recieve a package with drinks and delicious snacks delivered to their home addresses! Make sure to register before the 9th of April to get one 🙂

Important: please register with your e-mail!

The registration for the PubQuiz is closed!