How to keep enjoying working from home?

About this workshop

In 2020 the way of working has changed a lot. Not a long time ago, working at home was not an option, while nowadays it is completely accepted. I see a lot of advantages in working at home. It provides for example much more flexibility in working hours, which eases combining your work with your private life.

However, this advantage is also a pitfall, because how can you maintain a work-life balance if these two parts of your life are entirely intermingled. And how to stay connected with (new) colleagues if the only contact between the two of you is online?

In this workshop I will share tips and exercises to make working at home more pleasant. Subjects you can think about are:

  • Protecting your boundaries 
  • Planning of time to relax
  • Connecting with colleagues
  • Checking in with yourself: is this (work) still what I want?

After this practical session you will have some tools to make and keep working at home fun!

Wendy van Wijngaarden

About Wendy

From 2009 to 2019 Wendy van Wijngaarden was working in HR- and recruitment jobs in the legal profession and IT. It was amazing to see people shining again in their new job! In her own career Wendy has experienced how important it is to have fun and satisfaction in your work and what the consequences could be when your job takes a lot of energy, while giving only a few in return.

Nowadays, Wendy is an independent career coach. She runs “Jouw Wending” in which she guides people during their own twists and turns in their work. You can read more on or you can follow Wendy on Instagram: