16th April 2021

From Couch Cat to Career tiger

Digital Career Event organized by ASAP (ASsociation of Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates)

Creative decisions in challenging times

Almost at the end of your research trajectory and not sure about the next step in your career?

Do you want to  connect with possible employers? 

Then the Career Event is exactly what you need! In this event you will be able to speed date with interesting companies matched to your expertise to see if working outside the academia is what you were looking for! You will also join several interesting and usefull workshops about keeping working from home fun and efficient, starting your own company, connecting like a pro, improving your job interview skills and much more! And even better: this year’s event is free, because it will be online. So, sign up for this year’s Career Event  (Note: this event equals 0.2 ECTS)

The Event will take place on the 16th of April. 

Our team

This Event is organized by PhD candidates for PhD candidates. Due to circumstances, this year we will not be able to meet you, participants, face-to-face. In order to introduce ourselves, below we show our faces and share what inspired us to organize this event!

We hope that this event will help you to learn something valuable, create new important connections and that you will have lots of fun!

Meagan Doppegieter
Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics
'Life is all about becoming your best version, yet we tend to settle for what we already have. There is so much more to learn in life, new skills to acquire. The Career Event challenges us, young researchers, to keep developing and be open to new (career) opportunities. Organizing it is a real pleasure.'
'Working in academia provides us a unique opportunity to learn from the best scientists, to be the boss of our your own project and to acquire very exclusive skills. Young researchers feel that they may only apply these skills in an academic environment, although really, they are of paramount importance in many other settings! My drive to organize this career event is to show researchers how they can use their talents outside of academia and connect them with companies that are eager to get to know people like you!'
David Cucchi
Department of Hematology
Anouk Scholten
Department of Neonatology
'Research in the academia contributes to expanding knowledge, innovation and the improvement of clinical care. This can certainly also be accomplished outside of the academia. I believe that you can only make the right desicion about the kind of work that fits you best if you have explored all the possibilities. With the Career Event I want to help researchers to broaden their view and to let them see what is possible out there!'
'My name is Jesse Tettero and currently first year PhD student. With organizing the Career Event 2021, I hope to bridge the gap between companies and PhD students. This gap has only become wider during the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore the Career Event has become even more relevant. We have adjusted the event to assist you the best we can specifically during these challenging times.'
Jesse Tettero
Department of Hematology
Caitlin Vink
Department of Cardiology
'Completing a master's degree, PhD and/or postdoc is a strong goal oriented journey, and taking a step back to evaluate what we really want is easy to forget. Especially for medical doctors, the default career path is often in the hospital. With the Career Event, I invite you to explore the numerous alternatives after an academic career to help you discover what job suits you best!'
'As a PhD-tract it is an education to become an independent researcher, most things we learn are relevant for performing research in academia and therefore PhD-students might not think of working outside of academia as a first option. With this Career Event we hope to inspire PhD-students and post-docs to broaden their horizon, to provide them with an opportunity to take part in inspiring workshops and to meet with companies in different fields.'
Kimmy Rosielle
Department of Gynaecology
Klementina Avdeeva
Department of Otolaryngology
'Preparations for the Career Event coincided with a very challenging period in my own career path. I was inspired by the idea of helping those who might be in the same state of the uncertainty, and I hope that this Career Event will bring new insights to many of us. And last but not least, working with talented and motivated members of the Career Event committee gave me a wonderful feeling of community in these times of social distancing.'

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